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International Translator of World Steel Grades

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WinSteel 8 Prof features
Information on composition and mechanical properties of near 275,000 world steel grades
Lists of foreign equivalents (cross-reference) for any steel grade
Search for similar grades by application, composition and properties in case the exact equivalent doesn't exist
Search for steel grade designation by the known composition in any country
Search for the grades with values of mechanical properties you need
Your benefits
Working with WinSteel 8 Prof
You save your time as searching data on steel and its equivalents will take seconds
You save your money as there is no need to have all the world steel standards in your library
Working with WinSteel 8 Prof that the most complete and up-to-date information on world steel grades is in your PC
You can print steel grades’ datasheets and save the information on grades to use it in other application
How WinSteel 8 Prof works
WinSteel 8 Prof works on all PCs under all Windows versions from XP and later.

It is very easy to find information on any world steel grade in WinSteel 8 Prof software:
  • Step 1. You find a grade designation in the list
  • Step 2. You select a grade you need among all grades of the required designation
  • Step 3. Using the corresponding tabs you can receive information on composition, properties of the selected grade, standards covering the grade, its other designations as well as list of its foreign equivalents

    • Chemical composition
    • Mechanical properties by different standards
    • List of foreign equivalents
    • Compare a grade and its selected equivalent (compositions)
    • Compare a grade and its selected equivalent (properties)
    Main facts
    What do you have to know about WinSteel and our company

    Our business exists more than 25 years since April 1991
    Our team includes highly skilled experts with higher metallurgical education and with operational expierence in science and industry
    WinSteel database is constantly updated, during 25 years it was increased in 10.7 times to 274,592 steel grades now
    We constantly improve the software adapting it for new Windows versions as well as providing new search features for our users. Since 1991 we issued 9 WinSteel versions
    For the time being we have more than 1915 WinSteel users from 53 countries: Germany, UK, USA, France, Sweden, Finland, Russia, Ukraine, China, South Africa, UAE, India and others
    For our users we provide technical and information support. They have possibily to get our online consultations as well as to download WinSteel quarter data updates from our web-site
    A clever person aims to have information
    A wise person aims to have results of its processing
    Do not lose your time in Internet search or in library
    Use results of work of our steel experts, who are collecting, checking and classifying data on steels during 25 years

    WinSteel 8 Prof  or  Internet search
    What to choose?
    Internet Search
  • There are a lot of sources which publish information on steel grades with mistakes which are repeated from a source to source
  • Very often free Internet sources contains out-of-date information with reference to void standards
  • Sited information on foreign equivalents may be correct for one kind of steel product, but wrong for other kinds
  • As a rule the free Internet sources are not in charge of the presented information on steel grades
  • It takes from 15 minutes to hours to find information on a grade, its composition, properties and equivalents in Internet
  • We exhort you to check very carefully the free information from Internet in case you wish to use it
    WinSteel 8 Prof software
  • We collect our database during 25 years constantly updating it and adding new steel grades
  • Information on steel grades is taken from standards,
    we don't use dubious information sources
  • We are constanly tracking issue of new standards and input required changes in the database
  • Our steel experts with great expierence in industry and in science check information before it is input in the database
  • Our software is supported, if it is required we are ready to prove accuracy of the data on any grade included in the database
  • Operating with WinSteel you'll find information on any steel grade in seconds

  • Feedback of WinSteel users

    How to start to operate with WinSteel
    You can start in 20 minutes

    1. Download from our web-site

    2. Install the software on your PC

    3. Run the Activation utility

    4. We'll create and e-mail
    your Name and Code

    5. You input the Name and Code
    before first run of the software

    6. You run the software and
    work with it during a month

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    We'll answer to your question as soon as possible.
    Usually we answer in 2-3 hours or next working day in case you place your question when we are out office.

    But now please familiarize yourself with our main product
    WinSteel 8 Prof - International Translator of World Steel Grades,
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