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29.04.2010 ASTMA 387 gr 12.2 SL 28co7 fe 430B CUNI 7070 16 MO5 MATERIAL COMPOSITION
29.04.2010 i wish to know the supplier for 1818grade mg cr forging in west germeny
28.04.2010 I am trying to convert a European material specification over to something domestic, so I can quote my local customer something comparable. The material is specified as 5.000" diam. x .125" wall round steel tubing, specified as EN 11.03.2013219, grade S235. The steel suppliers I've been talking with are ASKING ME what it is, so I'm lost on this one. Can you tell me what domestic product would compare to this, and what I can tell them to quote? thanks.
28.04.2010 For St52 will A513 (as a tube) or SAE 11.03.201324 (as a solid) work for a subsitute?
28.04.2010 Is ASTM A516 Grade 70 an acceptable subsitute for P265GH? (A516 Grade 60 appears to be closer but is not avaliable in the timeframe I need it).
23.04.2010 What is the yield strength of Z4CN16-04 material?
23.04.2010 What is the alternat material for S45C
23.04.2010 i need detail material inside A 283 GR c ? What is the service constraint ? is it suitable for sour crude oil?
23.04.2010 GOST 9150 , GOST 24705, GOST 16093 what is equivalent to them DIN ?
23.04.2010 What is the ASTM equivalent to the Chinese Q345 and Q235?
22.04.2010 Q1 and Q2 what are the western equivalents of Chinese Steels GB/T 3274:1998 and GB/T 1591:1994 Q3 are GB/T 3274:1998 and GB/T suitable for marine and offshore use?
22.04.2010 CHEMICAL & MECHANICAL PROPERTIES OF 15121.5 &15020.1
22.04.2010 What is the ASME equivalent of ASTM A242
20.04.2010 SS41
19.04.2010 I need the Russian GOST equivalent of DIN st 35.8 and Italian C 14
19.04.2010 What is Indian Steel Grade equivalent to DIN EN 11.03.2013149-2 1995-11
19.04.2010 a479 what is the equient codes of jis,bs,din?
18.04.2010 could you pls tell me what the ASTM aterial for the JIS materials TP 340
17.04.2010 what is the equivilant material for sa 675 grade 70
17.04.2010 What is the chemical &mechanical analysis of steel Gr. SS 400B
17.04.2010 what chinese grade steel is equivalent to US A50 grade high strength steel
15.04.2010 What is the ASTM equivilant for DIN ST-52 steel?
15.04.2010 What is ADSPEC 111.03.20130 class 1A
14.04.2010 equivalent material for bs970 in is standard
13.04.2010 I'm looking for equivalent of material S700MC (EN 11.03.2013149) and especially if S690Q (EN 10025) can be considered as exact equivalent ?
11.04.2010 What is the EN equivalent of Astm A656 grade 1/ UNS k11804
09.04.2010 Could you tell me, which composition and mechanical properties have steel ASTM A347 Gr.11 ? What is the equivalent of this steel ? I didn´t find this steel grade anywhere.
09.04.2010 what is the effect of low values of maximum elongation such as 9% or 11.03.2013% on the structural use of ordinary steel pipe structures.since the minimum required elongation in BS standards for steel grade 50 is 20% minimum
09.04.2010 What is the BS classification for steel with elongation about 11.03.2013 or 11 %
09.04.2010 What is US equivalent to SS1914-4 Steel
09.04.2010 What is the European equivalent of the Russian steel grade: Ст11.03.2013пс
09.04.2010 What is the convertion of CC481K to BS970:1991
09.04.2010 What is the convertion of CuSn12p to BS970:1991
09.04.2010 What is the convertion of 35NiCrMo6KB to BS 970:1991
08.04.2010 ZGMn13Cr
03.04.2010 Complete Comperision between GR16Mnr & ASME A516-70 A Pressure vessel built on GR16Mnr is copatiable with ASME A516-70 built Tank
02.04.2010 Wich is the SAE equivalent for QST-36-3, DIN 1654?
02.04.2010 I have a customer looking for AISI 5120 material. Is there a USA material that would work in place of material stated above. If not do you suggest company that may supply this material.
02.04.2010 What is the equivalent or closest comparable ASTM standard for BS EN 11.03.2013083. Thanks.
02.04.2010 What is the equivalent or closest comparable ASTM standard for BS EN 11.03.2013083. Thanks.
02.04.2010 Equivalent AISI steel for GOST 14963-78
02.04.2010 What is the equivalent ASTM standard of GOST 7805-70?
30.03.2010 Werkstof SN 409 ???
30.03.2010 aisi 12l14 confirms to a11.03.20138
30.03.2010 Can you pls tell me the equivilent of Steel U85MV8 which is commonly used as guide bush in GB, ASTM, AISI, JIS, EN standards
30.03.2010 What is an equivalent for ASTM A 283
25.03.2010 Indian Equivalent material of ZG270-500
25.03.2010 What are the Chinese "close equivalents" to ASTM A11.03.201311 CS Type B?
23.03.2010 Sir; What is the equivalant chinese standard for the following material? 15CDV6 steel
23.03.2010 Can we adopt SA 193 Gr B7 Bolts for -45°C Instead of 09G2C-6 or 11.03.2013G2c1-6
23.03.2010 What is the equivalent in AISI/ASTM or SAE of Q235-B, #8,0mm and #11.03.2013,0 mm thickness?
23.03.2010 What is the DIN equivalent of AC4C?
22.03.2010 we would like to compare pipes ASTM A672 gr 65 with API 5l grb PSL 2. Which is superior?
17.03.2010 What are the differences and the similarities between the grades of Steel in India and China?
17.03.2010 what is the AFNOR equivalent to SAE 11.03.2013B38M steel?
16.03.2010 1.WHAT IS THE EQUIVALENT STANDARDS in CHINA or JAPAN for Plate Steel : ASTM 8 or Finer Should be free from injurious defects like stringer inclusions ,laminations segregations , silvers etc. The inclusion level shall be below A2 B2 C2 D2 as per ASTM E45 2. WHAT IS THE "TECHNICAL INDEX " of the above steel specification.
16.03.2010 N NF 11-416
15.03.2010 equivalent of SS400
12.03.2010 re the following materials equivalent materials? C11.03.201326 - 2011 A53 - 20 A36 - Q235B
12.03.2010 Can I get an list of the most common qualities in ASTM as well as European standard which are comparable ?
12.03.2010 Which European Quality is compared to ASTM A36
12.03.2010 List equivalent ASTM material with Chinese grade
12.03.2010 Please give me nearest equivalents for following Ferrous & Non ferrous Russian grades of materials or their chemical compositions, heat treated supply condition, Physical strength values etc. 1) EPAM49-2 GOST 18175-78 2) STEEL 40 GOST 11.03.201350-74 3) STEEL 35-M GOST 454-71 4) BRASS PK -80-3L-GOST 17711-72 5) STEEL 45 6) STEEL 12X18H9T GOST 5632 -7
11.03.2010 I want to know the EN grade equivalent to 65Mn grade steel
11.03.2010 What is the chemical composition of GB Q235 Grade of Mild Steel Plate
11.03.2010 What is the equivalent Indian Standard grade of Q235B - Chinese grade
11.03.2010 translate Rd 40 DIN 11.03.201313-C60 to GOST
11.03.2010 What is the ASTM equivalent to Hollomek 511.03.2013?
09.03.2010 Is 3sp the equivelent to ASTM a 615 grade 40?
09.03.2010 What is the difference between S275J0 & S275JR
09.03.2010 what kind of material is Stpg38?
08.03.2010 can you infrm me the tensile and yield of chines specification Q 345 and Q 235 and whech especification equivalents
07.03.2010 which different between ASTM A36 and S235JR
07.03.2010 can youinfrm me the tensile and yield of chines specification Q 345 and Q 235
05.03.2010 can you inform me what is Euripean equivalents of Russian I beams 20Ш1 and 20К1?
05.03.2010 Would you please provide the chemistry, mechanicals etc for grade 28Mn Cr B5 ?
05.03.2010 what is ss 400, could you give me spec and similar standard according to jis n astm
05.03.2010 What is the ASTM or North American equivalent of BS EN 11.03.2013137-2 GR S690 QL?
05.03.2010 What is the equivalent steel grade for SA965/965M grade F321?
04.03.2010 28Mn Cr B5
03.03.2010 Are S 275 JR equivalent ASTM A 36 ?
03.03.2010 Please can you give me an AMS equivilent of the british aluminium standards L86 and L163
03.03.2010 Please can you give me an AMS equivilent of the british steel standard S511.03.2013
03.03.2010 Can you give me an equivilant british spec for the material: steel 4130- AMS-S-18729?
03.03.2010 steel equivalents for A516MGr65 thank you
02.03.2010 ANSI B1-1 materiał 26H2MF which DIN standard it is ?
02.03.2010 Pls. advise the chemical composition and mechanical properties for: Q235 steel plate Q235B steel plate Q345B steel plate. What are the equivalent for each in other standards such as BS and JIS and DIN?
02.03.2010 in ASTM, which class is correspondence to BS 4360 43A? is it falls under A36 or else?
02.03.2010 Please can you say what is the equivalent material of the following steel in Unites State specification? Rst 52-3 St - 511.03.2013 C St - 360 C
02.03.2010 What is the equivalent of Alloy Steel 4130? What type of metal could I use to replace Alloy Steel 4130? Can I use Carbon Steel? What type of carbon steel would be appropriate?
02.03.2010 Please let us know the chemical composition and indian standard for below mentioned .... Japanese equivalents of this grade are SM 400 A, SM 400 B, SM 400 C
27.02.2010 what is the composition of grade 12CrMoV
27.02.2010 I have a part using as material SPH270C-OD what is the ASTM & SAE equivalence?
27.02.2010 Please let us know the chemical composition and indian standard for below mentioned material EN12164-CW617N(CuZn40Pb2)
27.02.2010 kemisk analys SS 4212-06
26.02.2010 Vanadis 4 comparatif with Bohler
26.02.2010 I have a part using as material SPH270C-OD what is the ASTM & SAE equivalence?
25.02.2010 What is the maximun value of aluminum content in ST 52.3 as per DIN 1711.03.20130
24.02.2010 What is the equivalent ASME/ASTM material standard for Russian super alloy: ЭП-648-ВИ ХН50ВМТЮБ-ВИ
24.02.2010 what is the yield point of high tensile UNC studding at these diameters please-, also UTS .75" .87" 1" 1.12" 1.25"
24.02.2010 What's the composition and SAE equivalence of GOST 1435-99, GOST 19265-73, GOST 5950-2000 ?
22.02.2010 what is equivalent of ASTM 325 to chinese Standard
20.02.2010 what is the current equivalent to 1.4571
20.02.2010 Kindly advise the equivalent ASTM or API grade corresponding to P460 NH / NL1
24.02.2010 What's are the SAE/AISI/ASTM equivalent to below Russian standards? GOST 1435-99 GOST 19265-73 GOST 5950-2000
19.02.2010 i wanted to know the indian equivalent of GB/T 8164(93) Q235B,,,GB699(88) 25 Mn and GB/T1591(94) Q 345B also the JIS equivalent too
18.02.2010 ST52.3 steel equivilent
18.02.2010 B51S allminum alloy - chemical comp spec
17.02.2010 What is ASTM equivalent to C 40 UNI 7845?
17.02.2010 please help, steel plate type JR EN 10025-2:2004:275 whether this can be replaced with ASTM A36 type or Steel Plate ASTM A-283 Gr.C? and whether the composition suitable?
17.02.2010 What is the equivalent ASME/ASTM material standard for Russian steel 20, steel 20K and steel 35
16.02.2010 Kindly advise the equivalent ASTM or API grade corresponding to S355 JO
16.02.2010 good morning looking for US equivalent to European S235JR steel Steel will be cold bended and welded - used for trailer frame
16.02.2010 What USA steel would be similar to 20MnCr5 with better surface wear resistance?
16.02.2010 Can I replace S355 JO with API 5L X70; If not, what is the closest equivalent grade for S355 JO, to be used as bearing piles
15.02.2010 Cross Referance S235JRG2 to US Standard
15.02.2010 we need flange(large size) 1. B564 N11.03.2013276 WN RF CL150(ASME B16.47-A) 12.7mm THK solution annealed. q'ty / size are 54"/2ea, 72"/1ea,78"/1ea 2.B462 N08020 WN RF CL150(ASME16.47-A) 9.53mm THK 36"/ 4ea 3.B463 N08020 Paddle Spacer&blank RF CL150(ASME16.47-A) 36"/ 1ea how much unit price(USD)? PLEASE SEND YOUR QUOTATION FOR US.
14.02.2010 What is the Hardness of WCBmetal by ASTM standard
12.02.2010 Is SAEJ404-SAE5120 available in strip or coil and can it be stamped in the annealed state.
12.02.2010 Indian equivalent grade of Aluminium - EN AW - 2017 and EN AW- 2007
11.02.2010 standard code of material nearest to this chemical composition ( request of pipes dia 42mm) C:0.04 – 0.07 , Si : max. 0.05 , Mn: max. 0.35 , P : max. 0.35 , S : max. 0.035 , Al : 0.02- 0.08 , Cu : max. O.15 Mechanical Properties: Elongation : min. 11.03.2013% , Tensile Strength : 50 – 65 kp/mm2 , Tensile Strength : 50 – 65 kp/mm2 9.80665x50-65=490-637mpa Coefficient Expansion : 12 * 11.03.2013^-6 6? Modulus of Elasticity : E = 21 kp/mm2 Hardness : 200-230 Hv Specify Gravity: 7.85 kp/dm3
11.02.2010 BS970 070M20 equivalent indian standard material
11.02.2010 I required min 1500 Mpa tensile strength for ST52 material 2 thk after Induction Hardning. for getting these strength how much hardness value I should specified.
09.02.2010 wHAT IS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN sa36 and a36?
09.02.2010 Good morning. Please could you tell me what is that russia material 20CHG SNM (TVM). I need some equivalents of this material. Also chemical composition and mechanical properties.
09.02.2010 Please help me to choice kind of welding rod in the using stainless steel ZG06Cr13Ni4Mo (GB standard) as soon as possible. I'm looking forward to reply from the service
09.02.2010 What is the BS equivalent of DIN 11.03.201313 St 52-3?
08.02.2010 G22NiMoCr5-6 1.6760
08.02.2010 can we qualifiy casting A995 J92205 to forged A 182 F51 in some applications like the ball of ball valve, also what is the acceptance limit for duplexs SS in ASTM G48A
07.02.2010 what is the chemical composition and mechanical properties of 16mn materials; what is the chemical composition and mechanical properties of q235b materials; what is the chemical composition and mechanical properties of q235a materials; what is the chemical composition and mechanical properties of q235c materials; what is the chemical composition and mechanical properties of q345a/b/c materials
04.02.2010 what is difference between grade F51 forged and UNS 31803
04.02.2010 What is the ASTM equivalent to EN11.03.2013204 3.1 S355J2+N+option 5 and what values do "option 5" characterize?
04.02.2010 What are the mechanical properties of 5115 and 5120 per SAE J404? Need yeild, ultimate, and elongation
04.02.2010 what is the ASME equivalent for BS6323 HFW2
03.02.2010 What is the equivalent material of EN11.03.2013130-FeP01-A-m , in Indian standard
03.02.2010 What is the equivalent of S355J2G3 - EN11.03.20130025 and S235-JR-EN11.03.20130025-2-2004 to ASTM Material grade?
03.02.2010 What is AINSI equivalent of S235 JR
03.02.2010 What is the grade equivalent of 32/35?
02.02.2010 Could you please advise alternative/equivelant materials to ASTM A240 Tp409.
02.02.2010 What is the equivalent standard in JIS standard for BS4360:1986, Grade 43D?
02.02.2010 What is the ASME or ASTM equivalent for material number 1.8070?(or any other standards) how can i find its thermo-mechanical properties
02.02.2010 what is the material grade equivalent to russina steel - 85 please let me know its equivqalent in indian / british / usa / european standard..thank you
02.02.2010 What is the equivalent specification of EN10025-2 (2004) S275J2 to ASTM standard
02.02.2010 What is the European equivalent to the South Korean Aluminium reference A3003P-H14
01.02.2010 what is ASM equivalent of ZL201-T5 chinese material
01.02.2010 What is the equivalent material in ASTM for DIN 1.4922
01.02.2010 What is the US round bar equivelant to A633 Grade C?
01.02.2010 What is equivalent of S275J2 to ASTM material grade?
29.01.2010 Is S355J2H, API5L X42 and ASTM11.03.20136 Gr.B equivalent pipe specs for structurals.
29.01.2010 please help me with the chemical composition and mechanical characteristics for steel S60, acc. to GOST B 11.03.2013230, and who in CIS can produce this steel
29.01.2010 what is differences between ASTN A36 & A675 ?
29.01.2010 What is United States equivalent fo material specification RSt 52-3?
29.01.2010 What is the equivalent ASTM material for API 5L grade X 60 pipe material?
29.01.2010 US equivalent material to Dutch Spec RSt 52-3
28.01.2010 Is Chinese Q-345 equivalent to SA-516 70
28.01.2010 What is the South Africa equivalent to the SM 400 material?
28.01.2010 US equivalent to S235JRG2
28.01.2010 Is AISI 11.03.201320 the equivalent to russian GOST for seamles pipes for Oil?
28.01.2010 Can I use material JIS G311.03.20131 SS400 instead of ASTM A500 Gred B?
28.01.2010 who is the producer of this grade BSEN 10025-2 2004 S355 J2 N. in the whole world any producer or any origin will do. what is the equvivalent / chemistry of this grade
28.01.2010 Is 4340 Bar Stk a suitable substitute for 4340 Stl Aly Plate? What are the specifications of each?
28.01.2010 Is JIS G 3314 equivalent to ASTM A463 Type 2 Aluminized Steel? The purpose is metallic jacketing for thermal insulation of vessels, equipment and piping in a petrochemical plant.
28.01.2010 What is the equivalent Chinese grade to DIN EN11.03.2013305-3 E255-N?
27.01.2010 What is the current equivalent Euronorm steel for BS970 part 1:1991 040A11.03.2013
27.01.2010 Is 4340 Bar Stk a suitable substitute for 4340 Stl Aly Plate? What are the specifications of each?
26.01.2010 what is EN and DIN equivalent of ASTM A193B7 and ASTM A1942H?
26.01.2010 What is the European (EN) equivalent or nearest equivalent for ASTM A500 Grade B steel?
26.01.2010 What is Russian equivalent of ASTM A 53 Type S Grade A steel
26.01.2010 How can an engineer define the quality of steel material on the construction site?
25.01.2010 What is Russian equivalent of ASTM A53 GR A and B steel?
25.01.2010 Please advise compostion of Hollomek 511.03.2013 and Hollomek 6V and ST52
25.01.2010 I would like to know what is the equivalent of Q235A,in ASTM?
22.01.2010 I would like to know the Mild Steel Plate ASTM A-36 is equivalent to Q235B?
22.01.2010 Is there a AISI/ASTM (or similar) equivalent to API T95 type 1 (with minimum 1%Cr content)
22.01.2010 What is equivalent or nearest Indian or British hot rolled steel RM grade for American ASTM A283 Grade A ?
22.01.2010 Is AAR-M201 GreadeC same as AAR-M201 90/60
20.01.2010 Can u tell me what are the equivalent ASTM material for following chinese material used for piping in power plant.. 1. 15NiCuMoNb5-6-4 2. 12Cr1MoV What is the specific criteria for the selection of these materials?
20.01.2010 Are these two materials equivalent - G40.21M-44W and S2 75 JR?
20.01.2010 what is the best heat treatment temperature for stress relieving of material A519 gr 4130
20.01.2010 is BS 4449 GRADE 460B same as BS 4449 GRADE 460
20.01.2010 1.6552
18.01.2010 In USA a preplated sheet metal material is specified as ASTM A 792 CS TYPE B AZ50 18 gauge. This is cold rolled steel with 55% AL ZN coating. What is the best way to specify this material in China and in Europe? We design in the USA but will have product built in China and in Europe. Your software looks very interesting but is ASTM A 792 in your list? I did not see it in the "look here" links on your web site.
18.01.2010 What is ANSI equiv of Soviet 1Kh18n9T?
18.01.2010 What is the ANSI equivalent of soviet stainless steel alloy 4Kh13?
14.01.2010 Looking for Mechanical Properties for Material Grade AISI 5120 or suitably Equivelant European Grade
13.01.2010 Is Q345 or Q390 equivalent to St 52.0 ? Is there any cross reference to show that they are equivalent
13.01.2010 What is the difference between Q345 & Q390 (chemical composition & mechanical properties, etc)
13.01.2010 What is the difference between ASTM A11.03.20135& ASTM A11.03.20136
12.01.2010 Would you please explain for me the difference between the standards Jis G-311.03.20131 - SS400 and Q235B?
08.01.2010 Is ss400 are the same with ss41? is ss41 equivalent with swrch11.03.2013R? can i see ss41 on JIS?
08.01.2010 What is the ASTM or ASME equivalent of Chinese specs 07MnNiMoVDR GB 713 345R GB 3531 09MnNiDR
08.01.2010 OC01 DIN EN properties
08.01.2010 Could you tell me the equivalent steel grade to API G-11.03.20135 and S-135 in ASME?
08.01.2010 Polish norm PN "26H2MF" and "24H2MF" please convert to DIN or Werkstoff Nummer
06.01.2010 what is different between astm 515 and 516
06.01.2010 for steel BS 4360 43A : what is the equivalent for this steel in ASTM standars?
06.01.2010 can you please tell me the difference between S355J2G3 and S355J2+N
06.01.2010 ASTM A572-55 What is the BSEN Equiviliant?
30.12.2009 could you tell the standar requirement of composition for the Stainless steel SUS 304FB? is there any standar that i can refer and what is the standar
30.12.2009 what is the closest ASTM grade for S355j2 + N ( EN 10025-2 ) plate ?
30.12.2009 what is the hardness of st52-3 for plate?
30.12.2009 what is the equvilent grad matel of EN 10025-2 in ASTM & AISI grad
29.12.2009 Hello, Can I replace steel of S355JO quality by S355JR quality? if No, then pls tell me why?
24.12.2009 What is DIN or EN equivalent OF 24H2MFsteel -Polish norm
21.12.2009 Wishing to know NZ/Australian standard for AISI 4140 steel as supplied (H&T) eg Minimum hardness or tensile value especially in region of 75mm/3" diam or any other requirement this material may/must meet
21.12.2009 Are S235 / S235JR and Q235B can be considered equivalent in all respect?
21.12.2009 asme equlant of16mnr
21.12.2009 Steel ASTM Grade A11.03.20135 is equivalent for Grade S235JR in all aspect
21.12.2009 What are the physical properties of API 5L X65 Pipe Material?
17.12.2009 What is the current equivelent materiel to B 8
17.12.2009 What is the SAE conversion for DC04 EN11.03.2013130 DBL 8451
17.12.2009 What is the CSA equivalent (material properties) of SA-36? I need to know the G40.21 plus W number (such as 44W).
16.12.2009 SA-182 F22 CL3 is this material made in roll steel that can it be cut to length and threaded with cut threads? is this what they call chrome molly
16.12.2009 equivivalnt to en11.03.2013139
15.12.2009 What is the ASTM equivalent to SM490A or 1E0170?
14.12.2009 what is the equivalent material for 11.03.201311.03.2013 CRS steel in india
12.12.2009 What is the equivalent material for DIN EN 10025
12.12.2009 what is k valuve in american steel standard?
11.12.2009 What is the US equivelant for ST50 and ST37.2?
11.12.2009 What USA steel in AISI is close to S355JR EN 10025
11.12.2009 May I use ASTM A-572 steel COLD FORMED structures? Somebody told me, fractures appear. It could be dangerous!
09.12.2009 what is the Equivalent material of P265GH
09.12.2009 I wish I knew quemical properties and equivalent SAE material for DIN EN 10025 (DIN 1711.03.20130)
08.12.2009 What is the equivalent standard of en 573-3 to astm
08.12.2009 Please can you give me the equivalent ASTM and ASME standards for plate specification S355J2+N
08.12.2009 what is the difference between bs en 11.03.2013224 grade l275 and bsen10025 grade s275
08.12.2009 what is the european or other overseas country equivalent for the 19000 s2 grade aluminum alloy
07.12.2009 What is different between from Q235 and SS400?
07.12.2009 I am seeking the US equivelent (AMS, ASTM, AISI) for the following high strength structural steel (plate). I believe these are Euronorm (EN) designations S890, S960 the grades appear to be named from their min.Re property (ie 890 N/sq mm. There is an EN spec which i suspect is a plate spec EN10025-6:2004, Chemical Composition is 0.20%C, CEV 0.60 max, Pcm 0.33 max. Also,what would be the appropriate weld wire. Thank you
07.12.2009 What is a ASTMA equivalent material for 14 MoV6-3 (1.7715) in different forms like forging,bar,plate etc
04.12.2009 We are quoting a print that calls for ETG88, we are located in the USA and want to know what the US equivalent would be or if there is a US supplier
04.12.2009 What is the equivalent of steel 12X18H11.03.2013T as per GOST 5632-72
04.12.2009 What is the equivalent Indian or american standards with respect to GOST5632-72 Russian standard
03.12.2009 could you tell me if there's a chinese equivalent for the steel 22MnB4 (EN) ?
03.12.2009 we just wanted to know that is JIS G 311.03.20131-SS-400 plates of 11.03.2013mm and 12mm thickness equavilent to ASTM A36 if yes want a write up on it
03.12.2009 What is the stainless steel plate equivalent of SA240 Type 321 SS pipe?
02.12.2009 What is the Russian standard equivalent to ASTM 36?
02.12.2009 What is the meaning of the number 1,2,3 for DIN standard steels: Rst37-1, Rst 37-2, Rst 37-3. What is the difference between them. Are all these 3 steels appropriate for welding
02.12.2009 This grade doesn't have exact Russian / Bulgarian equivalents. World equivalents are 700 QT (Canada), Optim 700 MC (Ruukki, Finland), E 690 D (France).
02.12.2009 What is Russian or Bulgarian equivalent of DIN EN 11.03.2013149-2
30.11.2009 I need Grade for the following Composition:- C = 0.12 to 0.20 Si = 0.20 to 0.60 Mn = 1.20 to 1.60 P = Max. 0.040 S = Max. 0.040 Cu = Max. 0.25
30.11.2009 what is the last version of standard gost 5781
30.11.2009 what is astm equivalet to swedis stainless steel specification1312
27.11.2009 what is the type of material is 1.0330 CSN 11 331?
26.11.2009 Is AMS QQ-A-250/11equivalent to GB3190-1998
26.11.2009 X21CrMoV12 1 is what in aisi or tool steel
26.11.2009 what is aisi of 28MN6
26.11.2009 Which equivalent ASTM material of BS1501-224-Gr 409 LT 60
26.11.2009 What is the equivalent steel grade SAE 11.03.201337
26.11.2009 Please advise the ASTM and JIS cross-reference specification to this DIN ST 4
26.11.2009 What is the equivalent steel grade of ST70.2 in US SAE?
25.11.2009 What is the equivalant steel grade of UNS H15411
23.11.2009 What is the equivalent steel grade of GIS 311.03.20136 SM 400 A
23.11.2009 What is the Equivalent Pipe Grade (In accordance with API 5L) for pipe L275 and L353 from Standard PN EN 11.03.2013224
23.11.2009 What is the USA equivalent to ENAW-5754 H111 aluminum plate?
23.11.2009 What is russian equivalent of stainless steel 301
23.11.2009 what is the equivalent of russian material 07X in ASTM
23.11.2009 Please expalin comparision beween 20MnCr5 & SCM 420H
20.11.2009 Z4CN16.04 I look for all standard and specification regards to this
20.11.2009 waht is the usa equivalent to european- S355J2G3
20.11.2009 I would like to know if the steel properties of ASTM A36 are comparable to the Chinese GB Q235 and if the steel properties of ASTM A572 Grade 50 are comparable to the Chinese GB Q345
18.11.2009 Please provide the American equivalents to EN30 and EN351
17.11.2009 What is the composition and foreign equivalents of RAEX 420N? What kind of electrode would be best to use to weld two 6 mm thick plates (material RAEX 420N, fillet weld) together?
17.11.2009 what is the equivalent for ISO 630?
16.11.2009 Could you please advise composition and foreign equivalents of JIS SS400 Plate Structural Steel?
06.11.2009 Is 304SS per ASTM A240 the same as ASTM A11.03.201311SS Gr. 50?
06.11.2009 Is it SS400 & Q235 equivalent material?
05.11.2009 I required Equivalent standard of C-60 Round Bar
03.11.2009 What is the ASTM/SAE/AISI equivalent for S235JR Steel?
03.11.2009 I believe pressure vessel/welded structual plate SM41B manufactured to JIS G311.03.20136 has been superseded to SM400B. Could you please advise on the Australian standard AS1548 equivalent. Research suggests that the equivalent would be AS1548 7 430R?
02.11.2009 Dear Sir or Madam, we are looking for a equivalent steel specification to grade: NN 20. You are able to help us?
02.11.2009 Chemical comparision between EN11.03.2013087, AISI11.03.201311.03.2013 & AISI11.03.201315
02.11.2009 I need to know the the pipe spec. equivalent of ASTM A572-50 plate.
02.11.2009 Difference betwween Hardox 450 and XAR 450 in all aspect
31.11.2009 What is the type of process method in ASTM A333 gr.6. Whether it is hot finished or cold finished? Whether both are allowable and is there any restriction if the Material supplier supplies LTCS pipe Gr.6 with Cold finish instead of hot finish
31.11.2009 what is the Chinese equivalent standard for GOST 08kp? What is the GOST equivalent of Q195 chinese standard? What is the chinese standard for cold rolled and hot rolled coils for tubes and profile manufacturing
30.11.2009 How does ASTMA 350 LF2-CL.1 GA-E- 60021 compare with SA 516 GR 70 CS, Normalized? Are they equivalent?
30.11.2009 What is the ASTM (or SAE, DIN) equivalent for SWRCH45K, SWRCH25K ,SWRCH20K (JIS G 3507-2:2005) (cold working process)grades?
30.11.2009 Can you please explain to me the meaning of this specification for an structural steel EN10025-2-S275JR+AR
30.11.2009 what is the US equivalent of ST 52.3 steel?
29.11.2009 I'M LOOKING FOR A DIN OR ASTM EQUIVALENT TO GB-3087-99 AND/OR 411.03.2013-G.
29.11.2009 What is the UNS# for ASTM 131 grade A steel?
28.11.2009 What is the ASTM equivalent and Chemical composition for ЭП517-Ш, ЭП648-ВИ , ЭИ868-Ш
28.11.2009 1.What is ST60 , and properties ? 2.What is S45C, and properties ? 3.What the meaning of assental ?
22.11.2009 what is CL1 in S235JR CL1
22.11.2009 What is the US equivalent to STS7k steel.
21.11.2009 Which alloy has the lowest tensile strenght 1.cast iron 2.high carbon steel 3.mild steel 4.wrought iron
20.11.2009 What are equivalent grades for 20MnCr5 steel?
20.11.2009 What is the nearest US equivalent and chemistry, and properties for Swedish SS2132?
20.11.2009 what is equivalent AISI number for S355J2G3
19.11.2009 Can you please help me, What is the Chinese equivalent of S460ML ? is it Q460C, right ?
19.11.2009 I have a print calling out for a material DIN S355J2G3. What is the american equivalent to this specifcation?
19.11.2009 Is ASTM A513 equal to 070M20?
16.11.2009 I would be thankful if you send me the magnetic and mechanical properties of Steel Gost 21427.2-83 grade 2216,2214 and 2421
15.11.2009 what is the equivalent for ss400 material in astm,ansi.. is it carbon steel or stainless steel.tell me where it is used commonly
15.11.2009 chemical composition of DIN 1.4027 and also its equivalent in aisi/bs
15.11.2009 What is the Russian equivalent to ASTM A537CL2? And who in CIS produce one? Many thanks
14.11.2009 what is the meaning of GOST 27772.88
13.11.2009 What is the Australian equivalent to Steel Grade A514 (T-1)
13.11.2009 what is the Japan equivalent to EN40 steel please?
13.11.2009 What is the gost standart equivalent of A333 grade 6?
13.11.2009 What is the ER-80S- Ni2 equivalent in Gost standards
12.11.2009 Chemical composition and international standard comparison for 35 steel
12.11.2009 Chemical composition and international standard comparison for 20 steel
12.11.2009 Chemical composition and international standard comparison for 16Mn steel
09.11.2009 Our original drawing for a part calls for French XC48 steel, which crosses over to American AISI 11.03.201345. The 11.03.201345 is very hard to find in the thickness we require. Are there any more common steels, close to this class, in the US?
09.11.2009 What is the Chinese, Japanese and ASTM equivalent of Hungarian steel standard for rebar B60.50?
09.11.2009 What are the equivalent JIS and ASTM steel grades to the Australian steel grades: AS 3679.1-300?
09.11.2009 What are the equivalent Korean steel grades to the Australian steel grades: AS 3679.1-300.?
09.11.2009 What is the ASTM equivalent of Slovakia steel 11.416 11.373 15 320.6
09.11.2009 what is the equivalent for australian steel grade 300, a325 and 350
09.11.2009 What is the equivalent BS code for 37MnSi5
08.11.2009 What is the chemical composition grade for S355JRG2
07.11.2009 1. What is the difference between DIN 2391 and DIN 2393 ? 2. what is the relation of DIN 2391or DIN 2393 to ST52.3 ? 3. Has St52.3 been replaced by E355
07.11.2009 What is the ASTM equivalent to EN 10025 s355j2g3
07.11.2009 What is US and BS equivalent of IS 2830 Grade C15MMn and C20MMn
07.11.2009 what is the indian equivalent of AISI 11.03.201318?
07.11.2009 can you tell me chinese equivalent steel of SAE5115?
02.11.2009 US equivalent to German st 52-3
02.11.2009 Please provide the United States equivalents of the German materials Cq15, and UQ-St36-2. Thank you
01.11.2009 chemical composition of 9SMnPb28K
01.11.2009 What cast steel has a chemical composition similar to the following: Carbon: 0.15 / 0.18 Manganese: 0.40 / 0.60 Chromium: 1.60 / 1.80 Nickel: 1.40 / 1.70 Molybdenum: 0.30 / 0.35 Aluminum: 0.005 / 0.025
01.11.2009 What is the equivalent aluminum alloy for AlSi1MgMn 11.03.20130HV to EN 485-2 standard?
29.09.2009 On what grounds ASTM A 615 GRADE 60 is not approved in place of BS 4449 GRADE 460B
29.09.2009 What are ASTM equivalents of AISI 11.03.201312 and AISI 11.03.201315
24.09.2009 which is the EN correspondant for steel 20GOST11.03.201350
24.09.2009 What is the equivalent of 07ХН25МДТЛ and 12X18H9ТЛ in Western EN, DIN or American standards? Is this alloy good for Chlorine Dioxide?
23.09.2009 US equivalent to european EN 10025:2004 S355JR + Option 5L
22.09.2009 what is the Australian or ASTM equivalent for S275J2
22.09.2009 What is the material for normal bolt? What are the En material for bolt
22.09.2009 What are the world wide different stangdards for 42CrMo4? I would also like to have the composition for this material
16.09.2009 Is there an approximate ASTM or SAE equivanent for hardox 500
16.09.2009 im looking for the American equivelant of a carbon steel plate BSEN grade S275 J2
16.09.2009 Tensile Strength of Steel: Would 511.03.2013 Mpa under the JIS standard, be the same strength as 511.03.2013Mpa under BS EN standard?
14.09.2009 What is the American Standard steel code for French XC48?
09.09.2009 What is the BS EN equivalent of ASTM A203-77 grade B?
09.09.2009 What is the ASTM equivalent to BS EN 10025-2 Grade S355J2
09.09.2009 I need to know what DIN EN 11.03.2013149-2 is comprised of
07.09.2009 What is the chemical composition of DCO1-A
03.09.2009 What is the equivalent grade to BS 4360 43A?
03.09.2009 what is russian gost standard equivalent to ASTM A 11.03.20136 B
02.09.2009 Please help to provide the chemical compostion of S235JRG2C+C , EN 11.03.2013277-2 and the closest equivalent in American and Japanese Standard
01.09.2009 What is the chemistry of stainless steel grade 5Cr12ti
31.08.2009 I want to know the equivalent steel for following chemaical composition C - 0.508 % Si - 0.320% Mn - 0.719% Cr - 0.964% Mo - 0.944% Ni - 0.455% Vn - P - 0.016% S - 0.018%
28.08.2009 What is the french equivalent for : Gr NV A40
28.08.2009 What is the french equivalent for : ASME SA-479 GR31803
28.08.2009 What is the french equivalent for : ASTM A668 Gr.F
25.08.2009 The Material specification on a drawing for listing wires calls for C 72 DIAM. 2mm TAB52554. The drawing originates from Italy. What would the equivalent spec be in EN. or BS. or DIN?
25.08.2009 What is the ASME or UNS U.S. equivalent to German material spec: CuZn39Pb3F50?
24.08.2009 please tell me what AS Standards are equivalent to JIS G311.03.20131 SS400
24.08.2009 the equivalent of AS1239M11.03.20130A W'stoff 1.3207,
21.08.2009 what is the chemical composition of ASTM A516 Gr 70
20.08.2009 what are equivalents of en14b?
19.08.2009 Composition and foreign equivalents of any world steel or alloy.
19.08.2009 Composition between russian and asme material
19.08.2009 Is 070M20 equiverlant to SA216-WCB or better
17.08.2009 What is the US equivalent of 1.4301 (X5CrNi1811.03.2013)?
17.08.2009 What is JIS G311.03.20136 SM 50 A aqivalent with ASTM A572 Grade 50?
17.08.2009 Please let me know the equvalent material to 13CrMo4-5 EN11.03.2013028-2 in AISI secn.
13.08.2009 I need to know the equivalent J.I.S. for B.S.970. 605m36
13.08.2009 What is the ASTM/ANSI equivalent for W.Nr. 1.6566 ?
11.08.2009 Hello. What is the AS/NZS equivalent of GB912 Q235B
11.08.2009 What's the AISI equivalent to ASTM A516M-06 Grade 65?
11.08.2009 need you help urgently,what is the Chinese equivalent of ASTMA252Grade2
06.08.2009 What is the USA equivalent of 42CrMo4V
05.08.2009 Dear Sir, We will be please if you can help us to give equivalnt materials in DIN En for Gost C245, C255 and 16K grades. Best Regards and Thanks
05.08.2009 I would be appreciate with your help.what's USA steel grade equivalent to AS1163-C350L0?
29.07.2009 What is the US equivalent of SWT 60 Pb K?
29.07.2009 chemistry of Q195
28.07.2009 What is the alternative material for 4130 .032" thick steel plate heat treated to 250 ksi
27.07.2009 Thank you for your response. Since there is no UK/European equivalent to GOST 11.03.2013XCHD, could you please let me have the basic information on this specification i.e. chemical composition and if possible the principal physical properties. With regard to the second question, you are quite correct. I should have written 15G2AFD My apologies for the mistake.
25.07.2009 What is chemical composition of carbon steel GOST 15G2AFT?
25.07.2009 What is the nearest UK equivalent material to GOST 11.03.2013XCHD?
23.07.2009 am looking for an equivalent steel to En26W that is lower priced and has superior fatigue properties
23.07.2009 What is SAE equivalent of En57
23.07.2009 What is the chinese equivalent (or close replacement) for 1.0034 E 195 DIN EN 11.03.2013305-3. Thanks
22.07.2009 What are the equivalent steel specifications for the following material number: 1.0974
22.07.2009 What is the API grade equivalent for the 42 CrMoS4 (NF EN 11.03.2013083-03/06)?
17.07.2009 what is the u.s. equivalent to 10149-2 s700 mc
17.07.2009 What is the difference between ST 52.3 and IACS grade AH 36?
13.07.2009 what is the diffrence between s355JR, S355J2H, S355JOH,S355JR+N
09.07.2009 What is american convertion of SPH270C-OD
03.07.2009 dear sir iam asking about the diffrence between st52-3 plates and A516 Gr70 plates if iwant to construct LPGvessel is their any limitation or risk with the usage of st52-3 plates and what is is the metalorgical diffrence between them
03.07.2009 What is the closest ASME / ASTM material equivalent to 12CrMoV
03.07.2009 dear sir can we use st52-3 plates instead of A516 GR70 plates in construction LPG vessels if the answeer is not what is the difrence between them
29.06.2009 I would like to seek your advice abt Dillimax 690E what is the ASTM/ASME equivalent?
26.06.2009 What is nearest America equivalent to C40 UNI 7845
26.06.2009 What is the US and Chinese equivalent for the following steel: BS970 817M40?
26.06.2009 we require astm standards for aluminium sheet which is indian standard 737 grade 40800
22.06.2009 Which are equivelant other ss standards against 12X18H10T
22.06.2009 What ASTM material is equal to Q235
22.06.2009 What ASTM material is equal to Q345
19.06.2009 Hi I hope that you can help answer my question.What is the ASTM equivelent to Bureau Veritas grades A,B,D,E?
18.06.2009 Is AISI 4340 & SAE 4340 are equivalent
18.06.2009 Is Autofrettage required for Strainer Lens gasket ainstalled in reactor piping at 3200 bar
18.06.2009 Is ASTM A572 Grade 50/ASTM A-992-06 steel beam equivalent to CSA G40.21 50W
17.06.2009 What is the US equivalent material for China 65Mn material
17.06.2009 Eqv for AISI 1018 to GB Spec
16.06.2009 What is the Australian Equivalent for EN10025 S355 JO in Structural Steel?
10.06.2009 EN equivalent to ASTM 615, Grade 70
10.06.2009 What is the US equivalent of BD1.0347-1544/LG/BK?
10.06.2009 What is the US equivalent of BD EN10131-EN10130+A1-DC05-B ?
10.06.2009 What is the US equivalent of EN10140-EN10139-DC01+590-BK?
05.06.2009 Would you please provide me with chemical composition of American steel : AAR M201 Grade E cast steel Q/T BHN 241-311 Material STD R 502605
05.06.2009 What is the closest Russian equivalent of the German steel grade 1.7220 (34CrMo4) / DIN EN 10297-1
05.06.2009 What is the closest Russian equivalent of the German steel grade St 52.0 ?
02.06.2009 BS 1501 223 490B" WHICH IS EQUIVALENT
01.06.2009 What is RAEX 420 HSF material?
01.06.2009 What are the equivalent Japanese, Korean and American equivalent material to RAEX 420 HSF?
01.06.2009 What is the US Equivalent of Russian Steel: X16H6?
29.05.2009 need DIN and/or AISI-SAE for 12MX ZMTU 957-63, may be SMTU as transliteration from kyrillic letters???) and 1X13 GOST 7350-66
29.05.2009 Good afternoon, I am interested to know the Russian standard (GOST) equivalent to the ASTM Standard: ASTM A 53, Seamless and ERW (welded). I will really apreciate this information ASAP. What are the differencies between ASTM and GOST products?
28.05.2009 Equivalent for ASTM 519 Gr1018 tubing
28.05.2009 USA standard equivalent for ST52
28.05.2009 USA standard equivalent for F125
28.05.2009 USA standard equivalent for F111
28.05.2009 What is the nearest US equivalent to 11SMnPb37. But the customer is asking that this part be case hardend and I understand that this material is not well suited for heat treating
28.05.2009 Can you provide astm equivalent of S355 J2H MILD STEEL, and also provide chemical composition
28.05.2009 Material stated on the drawing is W.Nr.17225 What is the British or Din specification of this material?
22.05.2009 What are the American equivalent and Chinese equivalent to X22CrMoV12-1 and 16Mo3? Thank you
22.05.2009 Regarding AAR M-201, can you please tell me what the Chinese equivalents or closest matches are for both forged Grade C Steel (Brinell Hardness of 179-241 or 179-262) and forged Grade E Steel (Brinell Hardness of 241-311), that contain the following composition: Carbon (maximum percentage) 0.32, Manganese (maximum percentage) 1.85, Phosphorus (maximum percentage) 0.04, Sulfur (maximum percentage) 0.04, and Silicon (maximum percentage) 1.50. If there are no exact equivalents, please provide the closes matches. Thank you in advance.
22.05.2009 Hello, I would like to know the composition or equivalent designation in european standard for the steel : 65 Mn thank you for your support.
21.05.2009 Hi I would like to know the equivilant of Grade SS10-101 and EN8
21.05.2009 We bought a threaded stud with a spec of F594-T304, but the material certificate provided is in German and to the following standard. A2/304 DIN 975 and Confirms to DIN ISO 3506-1 We know that F594 calls for solution annealed condition and we are not sure with the supplied standard. Your answer is much appreciated.
20.05.2009 What are the Chinese equivalents of Australian steel to AS 1163, grade C250LO, C350LO and C450LO?
20.05.2009 can i have the aisi/sae equivalent of en 10213 g20 Mns with manganese @0.75% min. & phosphorous @0.025% max
19.05.2009 What is the equivalent UNS no for API 5L grade X 60 pipe material
18.05.2009 i need to know the qualient of S235JRG2 in astm (either A106 or A105) secondly does it use in making of ships
18.05.2009 China steel tube 48,3x3,2 mm quality Q255 is equal to which europeen standard?
14.05.2009 what is A 675 Gr 50? and its equivalent?
14.05.2009 Is the British Standard EN10025 E295 equivilent to the ASTM Standard A1008 CS Type B?
12.05.2009 I need to know if Steel Grade acoording to EN10025,2004, S 355JR, is equivalent to Steel Grade ST 50 or not, what is the difference between the two grades, and which is better
08.05.2009 Could you help me in informing equivalent steel grades for 1.0245 & 65Mn4?
07.05.2009 What is the equivalent in Russian standard of ASTM A283 grade steel for API 650 standard?
06.05.2009 American stainless steel ( AISI)equivalent for DIN X#% Cr Mo 17
06.05.2009 What is the equivalent grade for ASTM A283 Grade C?
06.05.2009 What is the BS Equivalent For SA 516 Gr 70 ?
04.05.2009 what is the checmical composition of 1018CRS
04.05.2009 What is the ASTM equivalent fastener (nut) of chinese grade 35?
29.04.2009 Equivalent X10CrAlSi7 to ASTM or ASME. Equivalent TK 1.4713 to ASME o ASTM
28.04.2009 Could you give me the EN equivalent for SAE8620 (SAEJ404)? Or the nearest by chemical composition
27.04.2009 What is the chemical composition of 15CrNi6 .What is its equivalent
27.04.2009 What is the Chemical Composition of 100Cr6 . What is its Equivalent
24.04.2009 What is the DIN equivalent of ASTM A1008 for EDDS sheet steel?
24.04.2009 What is the ASTM equivalent for the EN 10025:2004 - S235JRC + Option 5
23.04.2009 Please supply equivelent Cast Steel BS specification for JIS Sc Mn2
22.04.2009 What is the GB standard for the Chinese grade 20MnSi? Is it an equivalent of S355JR?
22.04.2009 What is the equivalent of SA 572 Gr 60 to JIS standard, is it SM 490 YA/YB of JIS G3106?
22.04.2009 need the us equivalent for 30mnb4+ti material
22.04.2009 What is the ASTM equivalent of Chinese Grade material Q345 A & B?
22.04.2009 ASTM equivalent stainless steel to1.4528
17.04.2009 What is US and Erope equivalent of russan quality as follow: Grade: C 15E EN 10084 (russian grade st.15) Hot rolled strip, Grade: 10 ChSND (russian grade 10 ChSND) Hot rolled strip Thank you for your service
17.04.2009 What is the American (US) equivalent of FE42 UNI7070 European (specifcally Italian)?
16.04.2009 We need to know the British & American standard conversion of S355J2G3-N
16.04.2009 What is the exact equivalent of Q235B in BS/ASTM standards?
16.04.2009 what is the specification of steel G 3101 SS41 in J.I.S & what equivalant in ASTM ?
15.04.2009 What is the correspondance between Q195 steel & EN 10088-2 standard ?
13.04.2009 Thanks to inform me about the equivalences, the compositions and the references of the Chinese standards for the following European steels:Ccomplying with French standard NF EN 10028-2, X2CrNi 18-9 complying with French standard NF EN10088-1:1995, S355 complying with French standard EN 10025:1990
07.04.2009 You are kindly requested to send me a comparence table for CS RSt 37-2 Vs ASTM.It means how can I substitute a material of ST-#& with A516 or....
07.04.2009 Tell me equivalent material for the below mentioned materials : . SS 41, SB 42, S45c
07.04.2009 is there equivalent of 1.7335, 13CrMo4-5 especially for erdemir supply in turkey
07.04.2009 Can you please let us know what is the equivalent chinese material for AISI 4320 and 4140
07.04.2009 US equivalent for s355j2g3
07.04.2009 what is SAE1010 equivalent of DIN norms?
06.04.2009 What is the equivalent in DIN and ASTM for Russian GOST 25H1MF ?
02.04.2009 We have done anaysis on a german Si, Ni, Cr, Mo low alloyed cast steel but I cannot find what is the steel grade/number of this one... I give you my results found on tow different samples and hope you can help me : SAMPLE 1 : C:0,27% ; Si:1,11% ; Mn:0,95% ; P:0,010% ; S:0,010% ; Ni:1,46% ; Cr:0,79% ; Mo : 0,44% SAMPLE 2 : C:0,28% ; Si:1,25% ; Mn:0,93% ; P:0,011% ; S:0,05% ; Ni:1,5% ; Cr:0,76% ; Mo : 0,42% Hardness : 430 HB Hope you can help,>
02.04.2009 What is the U.S. equivalent to Chinese Steel Specification GB Q345D
01.04.2009 what is EN equivalent of ASTM A668 cl. J
30.03.2009 What is the UK equivalent of SS41/SS400?
30.03.2009 What is the ASTM/ASME equivalent (or closest equivalent) of Russian steel 16GS?
30.03.2009 What would be the US equivalent to (UNI) 18NiCrMo5 or (DIN) 15CrNi6 ??
26.03.2009 I would like to know which are the equivalent materials specifications of the G40.21 300 W material (Canadian specification) as per SAME and Russian specifications. Please include also equivalent grade not only specification
26.03.2009 Russian grade 10ChSND steel plate equivalent BS, DIN,IS standards/grades
24.03.2009 what is the equivalent grade of ASTM for Russian wear resistant steel plate 10 CHSND
24.03.2009 En Equivalent for AISI 1045
24.03.2009 what is tke chinese equivalent to ALMAG 535-T2

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