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Marketing research of CIS and foreign steel markets

Our Research Group includes highly skilled researchers with wide experience of preparation of research reviews of world and domestic steel and metal markets as well as statistic and informational reports.

By your request we are ready:
    1. To carry out marketing research of ore, iron and steel markets by follows:
    • determination of markets capacity;
    • revelation of market trends;
    • analysis and prediction of demand and supply in any market segment or commodity group;
    • study of competitive environment;
    • revelation of long-term markets for your products;
    • price development;
    • working out of short-term and long-term marketing forecasts.
    The research may be implemented by following commodity markets:
    • ore market;
    • steel billet (casting or rolled) market;
    • long rolled product market;
    • flat rolled product market;
    • cold-rolled sheet market;
    • coated sheet market;
    • tin-plate market;
    • tube/pipe market and others.
    Also the work may be carried out by regional markets:
    • CIS (including Russia) market;
    • EEC market;
    • North American market;
    • Latin American market;
    • Asian market and others.
    2. To prepare information on activity and economic results of Russian ore, iron and steel works:
    • lists of main stockholders;
    • production volume with division to commodity groups;
    • export volume and main export agents;
    • financial performance:
      • - sales proceeds,
        - prime cost,
        - inputs,
        - profitability,
        - sales profit,
        - balance sheet profit.
    Our prices depend of research complexity and urgency. Due date of the work is:
    • for research reviews - 2-3 months;
    • for reports - 2 weeks.
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